So Here's Our Story

by Jakob's Echo

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released October 31, 2016

-Jon Snead - composer, bass, drums, synth, piano, guitars, vocals, engineering, mixing
-Tim Gerron - production mastering
-Steven Gilliland - guitars, mixing on "Cairo" and "Welcome To The Machine"
-Guenevere Holden-Snead - vocals on "Zombies"
-Laura and Zach Martin - lyrics in part on "Zombies"
Echo Phoenix Snead - piano on "Lullaby"
Emily Smith - vocals on "Lullaby"



all rights reserved


Jakob's Echo Austin, Texas

Progressive Alternative Electronic solo project written, arranged and produced by Jon Snead

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Track Name: Cairo
They who lived in the desert
must've known something we didn't know
they set their eyes towards the heavens
dreaming of fire in the sky

We're fools if we believe we're alone
and nothing's beyond our home
in this great expanse
if light holds the key
then we must rise and leave this place
take my hand and slip through
the darkness with me

Weaving in and out

They who lived in the desert
must've known something we didn't know
they set their eyes towards the heavens
dreaming of fire in the sky
a light to shine
in the night
as time
passed them by
Track Name: Schizophrenic Prayer
So afraid of rejection
Hide inside ourselves
Acting like strangers to avoid the pain

We collect our phobias
Our sicknesses
Feel so good only when we can complain

In your arms
Feels like a better us
In your arms

Dancing around the fire
Getting drunk with the night
Nobody is ever who they seem to be

Hypnos give us your hand
We so tire of this life
Need to rest and finally disappear

In your arms
Feels like a better us
In your arms
Track Name: Vaguely Enamoured
There's the place we met on the road
running from God only knows
and that look that hid in your eyes
I'll admit caught me by surprise
tempted the least I could say
I hoped I'd see you some day
funny how life deals us hands
and changes our best laid plans

Who are you where you from
how did you come to be here
what's your name what's your game
when did I begin to fear
what you might see when you stare back in my eyes

I'm breathing easier this way
beauty should never hold such sway
can I hold you to the light
and give you that last kiss goodnight

Who are you where you from
how did you come to be here
what's your name what's your game
when did I begin to fear
what you might see when you stare back in my eyes

It's true you make me high
Track Name: Lullaby
I came to wish you goodnight
sweet dream turn off the light

and now close your eyes sleep in peace
let nothing haunt you and dream
wrapped up tight safe and sound
breathing lightly the stars shine so bright
let them guide you to the aethers
and rest through the night 'til morning light
wake up in bliss

and come to me if you can

clear out your mind
have no regard for time
wish away your worries and your fears
let there be no pain and no tears
Track Name: Welcome To The Machine
Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
Where have you been?
It's alright we know where you've been
You've been in the pipeline, filling in time
Provided with toys and 'scouting for boys'
You brought a guitar to punish your ma
And you didn't like school, and you
Know you're nobody's fool
So welcome to the machine

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
What did you dream?
It's alright we told you what to dream
You dreamed of a big star
He played a mean guitar
He always ate in the Steak Bar
He loved to drive in his Jaguar
So welcome to the machine
Track Name: Preying Upon The Weak
I'm watching you use everyone
a means to an end to conceal what you've done
you hide behind a smile that hides all your lies
a role you never fail to perfectly reprise

well you speak of remorse as though were there
direct reflection of preying upon the weak
you narcissist you don't even care
unabridged yet so tongue-in-cheek
the world will know your sordid affairs
oh what ears will hear when I speak
with all the info that I'll share
they'll lock you up and throw away the key

I'm hoping to watch you burn
it's time that justice took its turn
you'll rue the day you tried to play God
I'll play my hand I've got better odds

No I won't let you get away

Where you running to
there is no escape
no you can't undo
the sealing of your fate
Track Name: The Revenant Blues
Man sold his soul bought a knife
knife broke some hearts stole some lives
lives that were lived on the run
for so long they had no hope to
run when day turned to night
when darkness took over light
lights burned out oh so dim
there's no way to atone for their sins

girl grabbed a gun with a grin
a grin so cold did him in
inside the place where he took
the one thing she didn't want to
give anyone but her love
a love looking down from above
above where she'll never go
oh no she's headed for the fire below

and they're headed for the fire below
Track Name: Zombies
All we once knew is gone
the fear in my heart is pumping through my veins
I know I don't have long
slow heart i feel myself starting to change
they're coming so stay inside
the hunger and madness is all that will remain

the light's still green outside
no hope to see the sun
the body alone can't survive
no wars were won
the dead feed on the flesh
of what's left
the cycle repeats every night
so I'm waiting here

They're coming for us right now
he don't know but I'm turning into one of them
no sense in asking God how
if only we'd known what to do back then
the hunger is growing fast
not long now only a monster will remain
make peace and forgive your past
the only cure for me is a bullet to the brain
now I'm dead but I'm alive
no remorse for my sins now you are the last
Track Name: Fight Or Flight
No time to let go
can't stay so we run
this is all a bad dream
can't be undone
fear's grip is so cold
faster now my son
they're all around us
you are the fastest one

No I won't let them get to you

You run ahead and I'll cover you
drop the first wave break on through
leave no one standing
get them all it's them or us

We're not going to fall

No I won't let them get to you
Track Name: After The Rain
What will wash away
what choices here will remain
storm will pass us soon
parting clouds break the gloom

I've seen the sun and felt it's warm
but I know the sound of rain when it's breaking through

I never asked for this
I always wanted it to shine
to watch love open blooms
in the garden of your minds

Your roots are firm in place
come out and greet the day
feet on the ground you're fine
keep your eyes to the sky

You know the sound of the storm as it's coming on
and you will know exactly how to make it shine

Shine on
Shine on again
Track Name: Letting Go
Right now look how you're letting go
head down shook now you lost control

Boy, I've been in the same boat unsure of what to do
re-conciliating when to make your next move

Carrying all the weight of all humanity
constantly ask but no one ever speaks

Making it clear as the waters
can't wash away the sins of your fathers